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School Management Software

Learning Management System

With Learning Management System you can have many great features for creating and selling online and onsite courses.

About payment, learner can choose to pay by Paypal, Stripe, Paymill or directly or they can choose to transfer by other methods (Admin can provide other methods such as bank transfer) then learners will have a submission from in backend to submit payment evidence (Bank transfer receipt for example). After learner submit, admin can check the evidence in admin’s backend and approve or reject the submission later.

For Onsite Course, learner can fill the amount of package in case of purchasing for friends. After purchasing, learner will get the reference code which be used for instructor to compare with the record in the date of studying.

The School Management Software is a multipurpose school management software which is suitable for colleges, schools and universities for academic, administration and management related activities.

Ultimate Management System for any kind of

  1. Training Centre
  2. Coaching Centre
  3. Learning Institute
  • Course Management

  • Batch Management

  • Student Management

  • Instructor Management

  • Employee Management

  • Student Attendance Management

  • Staff Attendance management

  • Routine Management

  • Event Management

  • Payment Management & Invoicing.

  • Expense Management

  • Date To date Payment Reporting

  • Date to Date Expense Report & Date to Date Full financial report

  • Use online & Device responsive


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