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HR System

Complete HR System

Maintain and track the human resources in your organization through this simple to use HR software! With HR system, you can track the following:

  • Employees: the people who are working on their job, including contact information, position, salary.
  • Jobs: The job or position that employees hold in their job, start and end date, salary. The HR supports multiple jobs for a person, so you will be able to track a long-term employee as they hold multiple roles and positions!
  • Timesheets: Allow freelancers and contractors (and full-time staff) to submit timesheets. Keep track of how many hours people have worked, and what it is costing you based on their hourly rate. Bonus: The HR sytem allows managers of a user to sign off and approve their timesheets, or reject them if needed.
  • Vacations: Keep track of employee’s vacations in one glance. See how many days employees have taken off in the year, and allow them to fill in vacation days.

The HR system also has powerful permissioning and ACL that is critical for any HR system!

  • The HR system has three levels of users: admins, managers and users.
  • While admins or power users can see everything in the system, managers can see job information of users who report to them (but not their salaries!), and approve users’ timesheets.
  • Users can only view their own jobs, timesheets and vacations. In addition, they can only submit timesheets, but not change status (approved, rejected, etc.)

Whether you need to keep track of employees / staff / freelancers / contractors or their jobs / positions / roles; or their vacations and timesheets and salaries and expenses, The HR system can do it for you!

  • Employees management

  • Job Management

  • Secure and private

  • Web-based

If your small or medium sized business needs a Database, we can help.


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